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Answer Series Maths Literacy Gr12 SG

This 3 in 1 study guide has been developed with meticulous care for the many learners enrolled for this popular subject. It contains: Comprehensive Notes and Worked Examples for all 7 topics, Exercises and ‘Test your Understandings’ for each topic and Detailed Answers with Explanations & handy hints. It provides concise, accessible notes, clear worked examples and reinforcement of concepts through graded exercises and tests. This book, a highly recommended, stand-alone guide to guaranteed success, caters for a wide spectrum of learners and stimulates interest and enjoyment of the curriculum content. This book is all you need in order to prepare for the final Maths Literacy exam.
R 209.00

MAS Maths Literacy Gr 10 TB & WB NCAPS

Mind Action Series Mathematical Literacy Grade 10 Textbook/Workbook
R 398.95

MAS Maths Literacy Gr 10 Textbook+WB

MAS Maths Literacy Gr 10 TB & WB NCAPS
R 390.95

MAS Maths Literacy Gr 11 TB & WB NCAPS

MAS Maths Literacy Grade 11 TB & WB
R 399.95

MAS Maths Literacy Gr 11 Textbook+WB

The purpose of this publication is to cover all learning outcomes and assessment standards using a user-friendly systematic approach. Each sub-section starts with teaching the skill and progresses into a context based application. This textbook focusses on all the core assessment standards only. This publication has been tested in the classroom by the authors. Educators are able to focus on the basic skills necessary at this level which in turn enables the learners to apply their knowledge to any given scenario. All the skill covered in this textbook easily fit within time constraints leaving room for both revision and extension.
R 390.95

MAS Maths Literacy Gr 12 TB & WB NCAPS

MAS Maths Literacy Grade 12 TB & WB
R 399.95