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Ach LO 2022 Gr 11 What Should I do After

Grade 11 Life Orientation With a Focus on: What Should I Do After School? Scholars are provided with career decision-making models designed to give them a structured approach to researching tertiary education, gap years and the world of work. In addition, scholars are provided with the necessary tools and information to support key career development projects, such as learning how to compile a dynamic CV and engage in job shadowing.
R 291.20

Ach LO 2022 Gr10 Focus Personal Branding

Grade 10 Life Orientation With a Focus on: Personal Branding: The development of these skills is fundamental to both the workplace and any entrepreneurial environment. Furthermore, the manual takes Grade 10 scholars through a career research model that provides structure and direction to their search for information regarding careers of potential interest to them. Additional topics addressed include: gender equity, an introduction to CV writing, and personal branding.
R 301.50

Ach LO 2022 Gr12 Planning my 1st Year

Grade 12 Life Orientation With a Focus on: Planning for My First Year After School: The manual is designed to assist scholars in the effective organisation of next year, including: submitting applications (and understanding the APS system), finances and funding options, interviews, accommodation and smaller details such as travel and visa arrangements if applicable.
R 201.50

Ach LO 2022 Gr7 Focus on Self Esteem

Grade 7 Life Orientation With a Focus on: Self Esteem: This manual addresses the topics of self-image and self-motivation, peer pressure, test and exam skills, careers, health and wellbeing. Scholars work through strategies in building their self-esteem, gain understanding and positively dealing with all forms of peer pressure. Scholars are introduced to factors around health and wellbeing, including community responsibility. Scholars acquire testing and exam skills and are introduced to the value of work and career options.
R 276.50

Ach LO 2022 Gr8 Focus on Social Media

Grade 8 Life Orientation With a Focus on: Social Media: Scholars are provided with information to boost their self-esteem, understand the ‘selfie society' in which they live and are given facts around the effects of addiction on the brain. A key aspect of the programme is its focus on social media, providing scholars with tips and tools to assist them in effectively navigating their social media use through optimising the benefits and being aware of the risks.
R 258.70

Ach LO 2022 Gr9 Focus Subject Selection

Grade 9 Life Orientation With a Focus on: Subject Selection: This manual is comprised of logically sequenced tools and exercises, designed to provide scholars with a comprehensive guide to the process of making an informed subject choice. Key concepts explored include: self-awareness (strengths, motivators, interests, etc.); an introduction to the world of work; career evolution and development; grit and perseverance, tertiary institution requirements; and Maths and Maths Literacy; to name a few. Additional topics outside the scope of subject choice include time management, goal setting and decision-making.
R 273.00