Lakeside Gr. 9 Textbooks & Stationery 2019

Please order before:  31 October 2018 to receive delivery on 11 December 2018.

PLEASE NOTE: Orders received after 31 October will be processed separately and will be available at a later stage.

You will be contacted once the order is ready. NO DELIVERY OF LATE ORDERS WILL BE MADE TO THE SCHOOL.

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Product TitleNeededPriceQuantityTotal PriceAction
Mathematics – Classroom Mathematics Gr. 9 LB 1 R240.00
R240.00 Add to cart
English – Comprehensive English Practice Gr 9 LB (NCS) 1 R197.00
R197.00 Add to cart
Afrikaans – Modular Work
R0.00 Add to cart
Technology – Platinum Technology Gr. 9 LB 1 R151.00
R151.00 Add to cart
Natural Sciences – Platinum Natural Sciences Gr. 9 LB 1 R167.00
R167.00 Add to cart
Geography – Platinum Social Sciences Gr. 9 LB 1 R168.00
R168.00 Add to cart
General – A4 Firefly Display File 30pg 5 R22.80
R22.80 Add to cart
General – A4 Hardcover 192pg QM 1 R18.00
R18.00 Add to cart
General – A4 Exercise book 32pg F/M 6 R2.70
R2.70 Add to cart
General – Ballpoint Pens Blue 6 R2.00
R2.00 Add to cart
General – LYRA Robinson HB Pencil 6 R3.95
R3.95 Add to cart
General – Metal Single hole sharpener R2.50
R2.50 Add to cart
General – Lyra Eraser 1 R4.50
R4.50 Add to cart
General – Fineliner Black 1 R9.80
R9.80 Add to cart
General – Giotto Elios Colouring Pencils 12’s 1 R25.00
R25.00 Add to cart
General – Pritt 43g 4 R40.00
R40.00 Add to cart
General – Ruler 30cm 1 R2.00
R2.00 Add to cart
General – Casio FX82ZA Scientific Calculator 1 R290.00
R290.00 Add to cart
General – Mathematical Set 11 piece 1 R24.20
R24.20 Add to cart