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Exploring IT Java Programming Gr10 3rd E

Grade 10 introduction to Object-Oriented Programming in Java using Gogga. Updated to include Computational Thinking, Typed and Void Methods and SQL. Third Edition.
R 502.50

Exploring IT Java Programming Gr12 3rd E

Grade 12 Java programming with more examples of inheritance and composition. Detailed Data Validation has been included along with JSON files and ArrayLists. This Third edition includes summaries comparisons of primary and secondary data structures and an in depth example describing the phases of a Grade 12 PAT application.
R 502.50

IGCSE Information & Comms Technology

Endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education Now including Brian Sargent in the expert author team, alongside first edition authors Graham Brown and David Watson, this book has been fully revised and updated to cover every part of the latest Cambridge IGCSE ICT (0417) syllabus. - Written by experts, who bring a wealth of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to both the book and the CD - Ensures that students are fully prepared for both the written theory paper as well as the two practical papers - Covers each section of the syllabus with clear explanations and plenty of tasks and activities Every Student's Book includes a CD that contains source files for the tasks and activities. Answers to all questions can be found on the Teacher's CD Rom
R 523.95

Exploring IT Java Programming Gr11 3rd E

Grade 11 Java programming with character and string handling, arrays, objects, arrays of objects, text files and SQL. Third edition includes Class Diagrams, static fields and Dates/Time classes. Database connectivity is moved to Grade 12 Java.
R 502.50

Exploring IT:Theory Gr11 2nd Edition

Grade 11 theory of Information Technology including truth tables with binary logic, data representation, hardware, software, networking, internet technologies, security and social implications. Second Edition.
R 431.00

Exploring IT:Theory Gr12 2nd Edition

Grade 12 IT Theory covers Normalisation with additional examples and updated Database Management with details descriptions of SQL and NoSQL related to Data Warehouses, Data Mining and Big Data. This Second Edition includes updated Hardware and Software. Networking contains Deep and Dark Web, Onion Routing, Blockchain technology and its application to Cryptocurrencies.
R 431.00