Monte Vista Grade 4 Stationery 2020


If multiple grades have been used on one order, please indicate which learner per grade in the comments column when you place your order.

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All orders placed prior to the 30th October 2019 cut-off date, will be included in the bulk delivery to the school on 27 November 2019. PLEASE NOTE: Orders received after 30 October will be processed separately and will be available at a later stage. YOU WILL RECEIVE AN SMS or EMAIL TO COLLECT THE PARCEL AT WCSS OFFICES. To process this order, payment must be received within 48 HOURS otherwise it will not be processed. Please check your parcel very carefully for missing or broken items. No claims for these items will be considered unless made within 14 days from receipt of parcel. No Returns or Refunds of Books will be accepted.

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Product TitleNeededPriceQuantityTotal PriceAction
Pharos Tweetalige Skoolwoordeboek (yellow) 1 R210.00
R210.00 Add to cart
Bantex A4 Lever arch file – Red 1 R60.60
R60.60 Add to cart
Croxley A4 Filing pockets 10’s 5 R10.90
R10.90 Add to cart
Giotto Elios Colouring Pencils (12) 2 R27.00
R27.00 Add to cart
Shatterproof Ruler 30cm – Clear 1 R3.80
R3.80 Add to cart
Staedtler Tradition T20 Eraser 6 R8.00
R8.00 Add to cart
Staedtler Double hole sharpener with catcher 1 R29.00
R29.00 Add to cart
Staedtler Tradition HB Pencils OR 12 R8.50
R8.50 Add to cart
Lyra Robinson HB Pencil 12 R3.95
R3.95 Add to cart
Staedtler 17cm Scissors 1 R19.50
R19.50 Add to cart
Croxley Concertina File – Black/Blue 12 division (CHOOSE WHICH COLOUR) 2 R88.00
R88.00 Add to cart
Bostik 36g Glue sticks 6 R22.50
R22.50 Add to cart
A4 Masonite Clipboard (wooden) 1 R18.00
R18.00 Add to cart
Faber Castell Retractable crayons (12) 1 R38.00
R38.00 Add to cart
Croxley A4 Hardcover 96pg F&M 1 R12.00
R12.00 Add to cart
Marlin A4 paper 100 sheets – Brights 2 R48.00
R48.00 Add to cart
Tissues (180) 3 R22.00
R22.00 Add to cart
Handsanitiser 350ml 1 R29.00
R29.00 Add to cart
Tower Teacher Labels Mixed (200) 1 R32.00
R32.00 Add to cart
Pentel oil pastels (25) 1 R70.00
R70.00 Add to cart
ART – Staedtler 4B Traditional Pencil 1 R8.50
R8.50 Add to cart
ART – Staedtler 6B Traditional Pencil OR 1 R8.50
R8.50 Add to cart
SHARP EL321 Basic Calculator 1 R55.00
R55.00 Add to cart