Grade 2 Stationery 2019



Product TitleNeededPriceQuantityTotal PriceAction
Bostik 36g Gluestick 3 R19.60
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Staedtler Tradition Eraser T20 2 R7.00
R7.00 Add to cart
Lion Brand Shatterproof Ruler 30cm 1 R2.00
R2.00 Add to cart
Faber Castell HB Pencil 12 R3.95
R3.95 Add to cart
Staedtler 14cm Bluntnose Scissors 1 R15.00
R15.00 Add to cart
Maped 2 hole sharpener with catcher 1 R18.50
R18.50 Add to cart
Croxley Whiteboard Markers (pack of 6 assorted colours) 1 R33.00
R33.00 Add to cart
A4 Chalkboard/Whiteboard 1 R25.00
R25.00 Add to cart
A4 Firefly Display File 50pg 1 R40.00
R40.00 Add to cart
Croxley A4 Hardcover 96pg F&M 1 R12.50
R12.50 Add to cart
Giotto Cera Twist Retractable Crayons (12) 1 R40.00
R40.00 Add to cart
Bic Tropicolour pencil crayons 1 R25.00
R25.00 Add to cart
Teddy Playdough 4x100g 1 R38.00
R38.00 Add to cart
Croxley A4 Filing pockets (10) 1 R10.80
R10.80 Add to cart
Marlin A4 Paper Pad 50 sheets – Bright assorted 1 R25.00
R25.00 Add to cart
Twinsaver Tissues (180) 1 R20.00
R20.00 Add to cart
A4 Masonite Clipboard (wooden) 1 R18.00
R18.00 Add to cart
Foska Magnetic Whiteboard eraser 1 R9.50
R9.50 Add to cart
Pack of stars 1 R11.85
R11.85 Add to cart
Denim Pencil Bag 33cm 1 R17.80
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