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A Midsummer Night's Dream Cambridge

This edition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is part of the Cambridge School Shakespeare series. Like every other play in the series, it has been specially prepared to help all students in schools and colleges. This A Midsummer Night’s Dream aims to be different from other editions of the play. It invites you to bring the play to life in your classroom, hall or drama studio through enjoyable .....
R 162.00

A Midsummer Night's Dream (Stratford)

This series of unabridged Shakespeare titles is based on the premise that students can reach a clear understanding of their work only through a close and careful reading of the text. The commentary facing each page of the text has been designed to suggest a critical interpretation of the play.
R 177.00

Oxford SA Pocket Dictionary Gr 10-12 4th

The Oxford South African Pocket Dictionary 4e is a practical, comprehensive English dictionary suitable for senior secondary learners (particularly those needing help studying and understanding literature), students at universities, and for adults as home or office reference. Features Completely up-to-date in both world English (e.g. Bollywood, flash drive, textspeak, witchetty grub) and South African English (e.g. crown birthday, gees, izinyoka, zef). Includes key CAPS curriculum terms too (e.g. aquaculture, covalent bond)! Broad coverage of English, meeting the CAPS focus on acquiring a wide and effective vocabulary as part of studying prescribed literature Many more usage notes than the previous edition (or the imported edition) help learners/students avoid common mistakes, improving their language skills overall Easy-to-understand pronunciation guides show learners/students how to say new words correctly, boosting their confidence to deliver orals and take part in debates, Supportive and practical extra matter includes sections on grammar, developing critical language awareness, sound devices, figures of speech, the golden rules for writing, how to edit and proofread your own work, exam tips, and how to prepare for debates and discussions - giving learners/st udents the edge
R 381.95

Oxford Student's Dictionary

This new edition of the Oxford Student's Dictionary is fully revised, with new curriculum vocabulary and up-to-date meanings. This is a comprehensive dictionary for students aged 14+ who need clear and straightforward definitions for vocabulary that they encounter at school and when preparing for exams. It includes subject specific language as well as everyday words and phrases. The new supplement gives spelling, punctuation and grammar tips for exam success, how to interpret exam command words and tips on what you can do to make a difference when checking through the exam paper.
R 258.95

English in Context Gr 10 LB (CAPS)

The English in Context series offers learners exciting and varied opportunities to study English. The series has been revised to meet all the requirements of the CAPS Curriculum for English Home Language in Grade 10.
R 202.00

English in Context HL Gr 12 LB (CAPS)

The English in context series offers learners exciting and varied opportunities to study English. The series has been revised to meet all the requirements of the CAPS curriculum for English home language in grade 12. English in context consolidates and extends language and literacy skills and knowledge. Features of this course include: a wide range of literary and non-literary texts to develop proficiency in reading and viewing; activities that promote writing practice across a variety of contexts to help learners develop written, visual and multi-media texts; opportunities to practise effective listening and speaking strategies and express ideas and opinions; activities to extend vocabulary use and understanding of language structures; activities which utilise learners' existing knowledge and promote imaginative and critical listening, thinking and reasoning; integration of language and literacy skills across other subjects.
R 231.00