Welcome to Western Cape School Suppliers

Western Cape School Suppliers has been operating as a specialised book and stationery supplier for over ten years. WCSS provides a specialised and personal service focusing on primary and secondary schools.


Our strength is to provide a personalised service at competitive prices of all book, stationery & art materials to schools. We are proud that we have a reputation of providing an efficient and prompt service whether it is in respect of bulk, large, pre-bagged or personalised orders to schools and individuals.


We have developed strong relationships with over 50 schools in the Western Cape providing and assisting teachers & librarians in selecting a variety of materials ideally suited to their and their pupils requirements.


Our personalised service, fast and efficient turnaround times has allowed Western Cape School Suppliers to grow its offering to schools and individuals who expect and demand competitive pricing and tailor-made services.

Please Note:

  1. Claims will only be considered within our 14 day policy. Check your parcel carefully for missing and broken items.
  2. Courier / Postage –We DO NOT Courier or post outside of the Western Cape.
  3. Please note that at Western Cape School Suppliers we strive to have sufficient stock to carry us through the back to school period, however Publishers as well as Stationery Manufacturers also run out of stock due to the excessive demand during the Back to school period . It is imperative that your orders are placed on or before the cut-off date that is stipulated on the order forms to prevent extra charges brought on by Publishers which will be added to your order afterwards.
  4. You do not have to login or create an account when placing online orders. You will be prompted to enter your email address as well as billing information when checking out, this is sufficient.
  5. Due to high volume of orders received during Back-to-school, we are unable to supply Textbooks and Stationery if your child does not go to the schools that are listed on our website.
  6. For all swift or western union inward payments i.e. international payments, please include CC after our Business name or otherwise payments will not be accepted by the bank. i.e. Western Cape School Suppliers CC.